Daily Planets

Something about planning ahead…

Moon Taurus james steidl

So anyways, it’s Monday. Again. The start of a new week. I like new starts, and each week we’re provided with one. Each month we’re provided with one. Each day, we’re provided with one.

Today, though, for this week’s new start, you could be finding that you have a few problems getting, well, started. Especially if you’re waking up right now-ish here in Aus, with the Moon just a few minutes away from being in Taurus.

Taurus is one of those signs where if you’re already moving, you’re at an advantage- you tend to just keep going. But actually getting started? Different story.

If this is you today, stick to routine- as far as possible.

Taurus is also one of those signs that bring with it, if you’re a Lunar type, a high risk of comfort eating.

This is partly because of that difficulty getting going- it can be far easier to reach for the, well, easier option- but it’s also because Taurus rules the throat- and that is important for two reasons:

  • It can be where the words get stuck. Rather than saying something out loud and having to deal with the consequences, it can seem far easier to swallow them…along with something yummy and comforting.
  • Taurus is about the senses- all of them. How food looks, tastes, feels, sounds…I’m sure I’ve missed one, but you get the idea. When you’re after something that’s going to satisfy your senses, in most cases, a bag of lettuce isn’t going to cut it. Just saying.

How to get around this?

Taurus is also about quality, so if you are going to indulge do so with intention, do it meaningfully, do it without guilt and do it with the best quality option you can.

I spent a little time yesterday afternoon preparing some spice pastes and snacks for the next few days. Why? Because I know that I wouldn’t feel like cooking from scratch tonight- that I’d go for the easy option after what I think will probably be a busy day.

I know myself well enough that I won’t be satisfied with something pre-made or “leftover”- I never am when it comes to eating for comfort. But with a curry base in the fridge- one that I know exactly what went into, that I took my time making- some veg, some protein, and some cauliflower that I’ll convince myself is really rice- I have the makings of a meal that can be put together easily, but taste as if it’s quite indulgent.