something about Pisces, the Moon as translator and underwater stealth bombers


I’m loving all of this Piscean energy at the moment.

I suspect, though, that I’m in the minority.

Today it’s even more so with the Moon floating through.

So far today La Luna has sidled up to Neptune. Wistfulness, imaginings and alcohol were involved.

Next is a hook-up with Mars. This is one man who’s in touch with his sentimental side, and a tad on the passive aggressive side. Poetry could be involved…especially since the next visit is with Mercury.

In between all of this is a rather difficult encounter with Jupiter (it was how big?).

Playing out in the background has been a tense square between Venus and Saturn. Venus in Aquarius is forward thinking and detached. Saturn in Scorpio tends to attach- especially to the way things are…and that includes any fears- real or perceived.

The thing about all of these aspects is the role the Moon is playing- that of translator, of light, of energy…from one planet to the next and the next and the next. All of this apparently inconceivable Piscean energy melded first with Air (Jupiter and Gemini) to more Pisces and then to Pluto, before finishing off with a stabilising trine to Saturn.

All I can say is don’t underestimate any of this.

Pisces may not seem to you to have the presence of mind or of body to make a difference, but that is one of her strengths…sort of like an underwater stealth bomber.

Pisces does that- she uses the energy and resources provided by others in order to succeed. In this case, the Moon is performing the role of enabler. It’s all rather smart really.

That act of helplessness? It’s an illusion…overlook it at your peril.