Something about phases, Mars and Wellington headwinds…


Bumping on empty

I got to thinking about being stuck yesterday, and the frustration that comes from that.

You know, that whole I want to move forward and get on with things but it just isn’t flipping happening and when will it flipping happen sort of thing. That sort of stuck.

There’s a lot of it around at present.

A little of that is the stubborn change resistance that comes from the shadow of the Taurus Sun and Mercury, but most of it is Mars retrograde.

Mars has been heading in the wrong direction (from our perspective) for a few months now, and has still a few weeks to go. Given that Mars is our energy planet, and helps with our get up and go, and how we assert ourselves, it could now feel at best as if you’re treading water, and at worst as if you’re walking up one of those huge hills in Wellington (NZ) near my friends house with massive headwinds pushing you back. Just saying.

Those who are copping the worst of this are those with the Sun, Ascendant, Moon or Mars in Aries or Scorpio- the sign that Mars rules.

I have Mars retrograde natally- in Scorpio, and in the 8th house- so although it’s an extremely Scorpio Mars, I figured I wouldn’t feel it so much because mine is retrograde natally. I have felt it- a lot…but then I got to thinking about phases.

You know how all planets have their cycles, right? The Moon’s the most obvious one, of course, going from new to full to balsamic to new in 28 days.

All planets do this- it’s why in that month before your birthday you’re full of the end of your solar year and finishing up to start the new cycle. In that month the Sun is in the balsamic, or finishing off phase- eve though the night sky isn’t dark.

And that’s when it hit me, for me, Mars in Libra is in its balsamic phase. I have a new cycle of all things Mars starting when Mars finally gathers enough speed and momentum and moves into Scorpio (in August sometime).

I often consider the time before a slower moving planet returns to its natal position as a little like a pregnancy- you know something is happening, but you know you have to wait for it. It’s especially obvious in the Jupiter cycle- anyone who has a Leo Ascendant would be feeling that one now.

So, this Mars retrograde has, for me, felt a little like that- an extended period of backtracking, and reviewing, and just one more thing-ing, before I can move forward again.

Sure I know it’s a necessary part of the process and things are happening in the the way that they’re supposed to be happening and at the speed they’re supposed to be happening at, but man it’s starting to piss me off! Maybe that’s my Venus in Aries talking…

Anyways, I’m sure there’s many of you out there feeling the same thing, so all I can say is keep going. If you keep pushing up that hill, by the time the headwinds stop, you’ll be closer to the top than if you had stopped and waited. Well, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.