Something about perfection being over-rated…

Zodiac signs - Virgo

Monday 17 February

Moon in Virgo

So yesterday I was on productive fire.

I spent the morning ruthlessly editing my fiction work, and the afternoon writing and scheduling posts for next week when I’m in New Zealand.

It’s probably my biggest complaint- about Australia and New Zealand- that while wifi is available in coffee shops quite freely, it’s not in hotels- not without incurring a hefty fee. Of course there are some exceptions.

When you’re on holiday with friends, the last thing you want to do is drag your arse and your laptop to a coffee shop to update a blog when you could be doing something else. Besides, while we’re on the walk, there’ll be no phone reception or wifi at all. It’s an enforced disconnection. I suspect it will make me feel uncomfortable and free all at the same time.

Productivity isn’t unusual under the Virgo Moon. It’s all about being useful, ticking off tasks. In the case of the editing I needed to do, the critical side of Virgo was perfect for discriminating between words and paragraphs that added to the story, and those that didn’t need to be there.

Today will be the same, but also different.

Today the Moon is void of course, which means that there are no aspects being made with other planets. It means that you can either have the purest of the best of Virgo lunar energy…or the purest and the worst of it.

In short, you’ll either be productive and get stuff done…or you won’t.

Why’s this? When there seems to be too much on your plate, or too many things going wrong, or too much mess, or too much whatever, you have problems actually deciding where to start, so figures that there’s no point doing anything!

If this is you, and if you can’t afford to sit back and let it go, I’d suggest the following:

  1. Pick one activity/ problem/ whatever and just start. Resist the urge to multi screen, multi task, and dip in and out of other things until you’re done. Then start something else.
  2. Prioritise the tasks…then proceed as above.

My warning? Don’t be too hard on yourself…perfection is over-rated.