Something about pausing…

Zodiac signs - Taurus

Friday 13 December

Moon in Taurus

Patience and I aren’t that friendly.

I don’t get that whole slowly slowly thing.

But, after a few days in Melbourne, and a month full of lunches- with more to come- it feels like a pause, a slowing is somehow a good thing to be doing right now.

Taurus Moon is good for that….the pausing part. It’s not so good for the food break part.  The things we do in the name of Christmas spirit.

Building in the background has been a supportive trine between Jupiter and Saturn. This is exact today.

What happens when the Great Malefic and the Great Benific join hands and forces?

Stuff gets done. Things get built. Business is expanded. Slowly. With patience. Piece by piece. Step by step. Your feet are on the ground, your mind is on practical concerns, but your vision is in the future, and you know what you need to do to move forward.

Because Jupiter is retrograde, this is also an opportunity to make adjustments to that vision…

Oh and yesterdays lunch? The one with all the Mars? Possibly the most fun I’ve had in….wow….a while…and that’s saying a lot- I enjoy most of my lunches. The three of us have a record of lunches like this, and good times like this. We drank, talked and laughed out loud for hours and hours- the three of us completely relaxed, yet each jostling for position to say the next outrageous thing.  It’s possibly a good thing that we don’t do it more than once a year.

As I said, it’s a Mars thing, and too much Mars is one of those things that’s best enjoyed in moderation.