Something about outsourcing messy stuff…

Beautiful girl holding two fresh apples

Moon into Libra, Monday 17 June, 2013

How is that to do list of your looking? Nicely ticked off?

Mine’s not- and now that the Moon is in you don’t want to me messing with those lovely nails Libra, I can’t really be faffed.

I usually know better than to attempt to write creatively on Virgo Moon days- it simply doesn’t work, but I have a word count target to meet, and was fitting that in amongst social engagements, I had to give it a shot.

I wouldn’t recommend giving it a shot on a love scene though.

Virgo criticality and attention to detail works for many things- but not love scenes. I abandoned that particular scene (will revisit it when the Moon is in Scorpio), and went on instead to a workplace scene- and the words flied out of my fingers.

In the meantime, some interesting suggestions were put up on the Facebook and Twitter pages…and another few (not for publication) made their way into my inbox.

So, to today.

The Moon is in Libra- will it will be in a few hours- and has very little to do for the first day. In contrast, my Monday is choc a block.

Anyways, the Moon is aspect free until she squares off against Pluto. Those of us in the Southern Hemisphere will wake to this tomorrow morning- those in the North will be finishing their Monday off in this way.

Libra stoushes are interesting, as Libra doesn’t like conflict. She’d prefer to find another way around, another less messy alternative. In the case of the Libra shadow, she’d prefer to find someone else to do it for her- yes, Libra is in the market for outsourcing this sort of thing.

Anyways, Pluto is one man who doesn’t respond to subtleties or flirtation- nor is he interested in diplomacy or compromise. In Capricorn, he wants the facts- and nothing but the facts. No embellishment, no spin, no hair flicking.

With support from a sextile between Mars and Uranus, support could come from a surprising source. Choose your words, keep them minimal, and you could just win the day.