Something about opportunity and preparation…

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Thursday May 26, 2016

Moon in Capricorn

Moon into Aquarius

Jupiter square Saturn

My favourite podcast at the moment is one for indie authors (such as myself). It’s the Self Publishing Formula by Mark Dawson and James Blatch, and it’s fabulous for indies (such as myself). Anyways, the other day they were interviewing a very successful romance author- seven figure successful indie romance author- who talked about that thing that lots of successful people talk about: what people perceive (and, perhaps, enviously dismiss) as being good luck is really a combination of opportunity and preparation. I’d add another word to the equation: faith. If you’ve done the preparation, got the opportunity, but don’t believe in the possibility of success, it will probably come to nothing. Likewise, you can have all the faith and opportunities in the world, but haven’t done the disciplined work, again it will be a coulda shoulda woulda moment. Get all three together? That’s magic.

That’s what today is about. If you know you’ve done the work, and an opportunity pops up and waves at you, all you need is that last missing ingredient- and sometimes that one can be the hardest to find. But if you do- find it- good luck to you.