Something about one of those moments…

I had one of those moments yesterday- one of those ‘how dare you tell me what to do?’ moments. But it was also one of those ‘nothing I can do about it moments’ which lead to one of those ‘I’m seriously pissed that there’s nothing I can do about it’ moments.

Then I strayed into one of those ‘this is what I’d say if I was able to say what I wanted to say’ moments, which moved quickly into fantasies about smirks and wiping them off faces.

Later, last night, a different set of circumstances, a similar set of circumstances, more frustration, more energy wasted on wishing I had the power to do something I desperately wanted to do to control a situation I desperately wanted to control. Even though this one came from a legitimate use of power, and wasn’t even impacting me directly, there was a sneaky moment, more than one, spent thinking about revenge.

What I was feeling, and expressing, was the shadow of both Sun conjunct Uranus and Sun square Pluto.

Under Sun square Pluto, authority can be an issue- both real and perceived. It could be a brush with someone in power. It could be a brush with someone who likes to throw their power around simply for the sake of throwing around their power- perceived or otherwise.

The struggle could be one of powerlessness or impotence. It could be one where you’re battling to control a situation that’s not able to be controlled. It could be one where you’re the one wielding the power. If this is the case- make sure that it’s for good rather than evil…or ego.

This is a short lived transit, but could trigger feelings and issues that have been building for a while within you, and maybe now they’re being projected out. It can, however, be uncomfortable. It can also provide breakthroughs.

Even as I was feeling what I was feeling yesterday afternoon, and last night, I was aware what it was that was really happening.  You see, I have the Sun opposite both Uranus and Pluto nattily, so have these moments more often than I’d like to admit! I’m very comfortable with the shadow- it’s an old friend (and combatant) of mine.

That’s why, instead of coming in like a wrecking ball, I gritted my teeth, smiled, and swallowed my frustration. Why? Because I understand why that person was attempting to throw their weight around…because they could….and because they felt like they needed to- to feel safe in their perceived power.

The problem is not mine- it’s theirs.

Today, with Mercury trine Saturn, you’ll instinctively know this, and knowing this will allow you to also see the truth behind any authoritorial road blocks you come across (or create) today. Knowing will help you deal appropriately with those moments.

I’ll leave you with that.