Something about nothing happening…or did it?


Full Moon 25 Aries 45′ 18/19 October

Lunar Eclipse 

April 2005. The solar eclipse at 19 Aries was exactly on my 2nd house natal Venus- also at 19 Aries.

What happened?


Not then.

Active in that eclipse was Venus at 21 Aries- this means that the eclipse was just a day or so after my Venus Return. Saturn was conjunct natal Jupiter and trine my Sun.

If I’d been into astrology back then, I would have paid attention. You see, 19 Aries just happened to be where my progressed Ascendant was. If I’d been into astrology then, I would have known that there is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to the Universe and transits.

If I’d been into astrology back then I would have known that to have a lunar eclipse in your Venus Return chart probably means that Something Big or Fated will happen. Yes, the capital letters are deliberate.

A couple of weeks later, just after the lunar eclipse, I accepted a new role within the company I was working for. There was no more money involved, but it did bolster my confidence- which had been, for a number of reasons, low. It also put a number of other things in motion.

Later that year, October 2005, the lunar eclipse at 24 Aries 13 was square natal Jupiter (24 Aries 34).

What happened?

Nothing. Not then.

As a result of the job I’d taken back in May, I was travelling a lot to Melbourne. Things were changing. I was changing.

Uranus was conjunct my 12th house natal Mercury. I wasn’t sleeping- there was too much in my head- things I could never express- and a welling sense of restlessness in my chest that I didn’t know how to deal with. Pluto was square my Sun and I had this vague idea that life as I’d known it was never going to be the same again.

But nothing happened. Not then.

It felt like I was on the brink of a big adventure- one that I needed to take a leap into. If I’d been into astrology back then, I would have known that to be a hallmark of an eclipse aspecting Jupiter. But I wasn’t, so I didn’t even know there was an eclipse.

That Spring I bought my first astrology book. In the background the wheels were turning.

Tomorrows Full Moon and lunar eclipse falls at 25 Aries.

This is the first eclipse in Aries since 2006. It will also bring up things that were happening 8 years ago- in October 2005.

For me, the aspect is the same- a square to Jupiter. Although nothing concrete happened at that last eclipse back in October 2005, the intervening years have been an adventure of transformation. The seeds of which were sown when I accepted that role all those years ago.

Now it feels that there’s a new adventure beginning.

Jupiter is about to trine my Sun and Saturn is poised to move out of the 8th. It feels like that part of the transformation is done, and phase 2 is about to begin.

My point…what is my point?

My point is, at the eclipse nothing happened. But it did. I just didn’t know it. Not then.

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