Daily Planets

Something about not having room to move…

Tropical big fish in a small fish bowl

Wednesday 26 February

Moon in Capricorn

Take yesterdays post and press repeat.

Today the energy promised by the square off between Jupiter and Uranus peaks.

I used the analogy yesterday of growing too big for your house- it might feel as though you have no room to move, as though the clutter of expectations is weighing you down and filling your space.

In the background is the sobering and potentially melancholic influence of the Capricorn Moon and Pluto. Action somehow seems just too hard, too scary.

The Sun in Pisces in (a wide) trine to Jupiter is there to remind you that if you can dream it, you can make it happen…all it takes is a leap of faith…

In other news, the Capricorn Moon is good for setting plans and strategies. Given that we’re now less than a week away from the Pisces New Moon, now is also the time to look at those intentions you set at the last New Moon and ask what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve learned, and what you’ll take with you into the next cycle. The Capricorn Moon is also the best time of the month for completing your personal performance review…just take care not to beat up on yourself.

No fish were harmed or in danger for the making of these images…