Something about moving day…

Friday, March 24, 2017

Mercury square Pluto

Mercury opposite Jupiter

Moon in Aquarius

I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago, but if all has gone to plan, today is the day we move into our new home.

It’s also our daughter’s 19th birthday. Where have those years gone?

Mercury square Pluto can leave you susceptible to preoccupation with a particular issue; it can also bring frustration and a propensity to try and have others follow your ideas of viewpoint. I’ll take that one step further and suggest there could be arguments when it comes to putting beds back together.

With Mercury also opposite Jupiter today, little issues could be blown out of all proportion – as anyone who has ever moved house will be able to attest to!

The key? Flexibility and optimism. The glass isn’t just half full – what you had was bloody delicious and now there’s room for more. That sort of thinking.