Something about mountain climbing…


Saturday 21 December

Moon in Leo

I read books to escape from the every day. Mostly I read fiction- anything to change the realm of my personal reality. If I do read non- fiction, they are either astro texts or travel stories- the ones where people leave their normal lives behind and escape to somewhere else.

I like to cry from happiness rather than at misery. It’s imperative to my emotional survival that I don’t take on the suffering of people I don’t know.  Although I read the newspapers, I rarely watch the news and have been accused (and rightly so) of living in a fantasy world.

My Cap sister, Bec, on the other hand, dislikes escapism. Reality and triumph over adversity or seemingly chronic conditions does it for her, but leaves me cold- I don’t have the focus required to dwell on setbacks. But Bec likes to learn from the experience of others- reading about hardship and challenge reinforces the importance of stability and security in life. She also firmly believes that reading about these difficulties will reinforce a survival spirit.

But then Bec is a mother of four kids, and doesn’t have time to escape- she’s far too busy with the logistics involved in getting kids to three different schools, four different sporting events and a timetable that would exhaust many a lesser mortal.

While I live in a fantasy world, Bec is well and truly grounded in reality. Her Aries Ascendant gives her some needed get up and go, and a Taurus Moon and Scorpio Mars assists with maintaining focus and getting things done.

The Sun moves into Bec’s sign, Capricorn early tomorrow morning (I’ll have a post up later today). Just a couple of hours later, Venus turns retrograde at close enough to 29 Capricorn.

I popped up the survival guide for this one last Saturday, and have a what not to do scheduled for tomorrow. That way you can decide which way you’ll go…