Something about Monday Monday…and Fat Tuesday…


Moon in Leo

Aside from a couple of sextiles- to the Sun and Jupiter, the Moon doesn’t have an awful lot to do today.

That leaves more time for drama, expression, creativity, play and all other things Leo.

It also leaves me with a relatively empty blog.

So, I thought I’d try a slightly different tack and throw in some trivia.

You know how we talk about planning activities by the Moon? What about taking the days into consideration too?

The days, you see, are named after planets. This mightn’t seem too obvious now, but if you translate it into a more musical language such as French, it is: Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). When I was in the partition job, there was always an unspoken rule that redundancies were best done on a Wednesday or Thursday (sad, but true- Mondays are too emotional, Tuesdays can be too combative and Fridays are just too nice to ruin), Mondays are always, well, Monday-ish… and no one can tell me that Friday does not have the feel of Venus. What better day to make a commitment to someone than on Saturn’s day, or to get a message across than on the day ruled by Mercury?

Anyways, the days, the planets- there is a correlation:

Monday- the Moon

Tuesday- Mars

Wednesday- Mercury

Thursday- Jupiter

Friday- Venus

Saturday- Saturn

Sunday- the Sun

Give it a try…