mercury Retrograde

Something about Mercury Retrograde…


Yes, yes, yes, I’ve been neglecting you all again.

September has been simply manic in the partition job- to the extent that multi tasking activities such as walking and talking at the same time have come with health warnings.

Before you ask, I’m ok- just worn out and doing some (ok, a lot) priority juggling. To a certain extent, I’m still avoiding the world (a little) which mostly translates to turning off my FB notifications and removing messenger from my phone. I suspect that will continue for some time.

Anyways, I’m on leave in a couple of hours and heading across to NZ for a week…I may or may not be joining a couple of other astrologers on this visit, but that’s a teaser for another post…

I thought that this time yesterday I’d be saying I was on holidays, but this happened. So I’m back into the office this morning.

Mercury Rx, I hear you say…yep, but also poor planning…it could have been worse- I could have been a day late rather than a day early. On the upside, it’s given my colleagues, friends, and myself, a good giggle….and I have an extra day to pack- although am sitting here looking at a suitcase that has clothes piled on top of it- not in it.

Speaking of which, in telling everyone, the responses fell into two camps:

  • The ones who gasped in horror- at both the mistake and the fact I hadn’t packed yet
  • The ones who shrugged and said something like ‘been there, done that- a few times!’ They were the ones who, like me, are last minute putter togetherers.

It all neatly segues into the purpose of this post- Mercury will turn retrograde in the next couple of days.

For those who don’t know, this is the time when communication can be mistaken, misread, misheard, misunderstood. It’s a time when there’s a greater possibility of networks (both physical and virtual) going awry- and that includes travel plans.

Those who’ve been reading me for a while know that I actually enjoy these few weeks- it feels more creative and in sync to me. This is lucky given that the presence of Neptune right on my Mercury has meant that this year has been a Mercury retrograde. I have a great new juicy first draft of a new story that I’m about to type the opening words in.

There are others, though, who don’t feel like that about Mercury Rx- don’t find the Trickster’s jokes at all amusing. I get that too.

For all of us, duck across to my Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide, and make the most of the opportunity to use your re words in a proactive way over the next few weeks…