Neptune Retrograde

Something about Mercury, Neptune and a name…


So anyways, it’s been a mad mad week. In parts it’s also been a mad bad week.

This has been partly because I’m just back from holidays* and (in this weeks surprising news) wanted to still be on holidays, and partly because it’s been mad and bad and bad and mad in the partition job.

On Friday I literally went from unrelated issue to unrelated issue and back again. All completely random, all unplanned, all requiring a decision or action or another piece of my brain to be thinking.

That’s the way it is at present. I’m juggling a 5 day a week extremely busy corporate job. I leave home at 7 and generally walk back through the door at a similar time that night. Then I work on my novel** or my blogs or whatever.

I have the copy editor booked for the end of Feb, so my priority is getting that final structural piece completed by then. In the meantime, I also have a big astro writing job with deliverables each week for the next 6 or 7 weeks. It’s mad, it’s chaotic, and it’s using every piece of planning and prioritising at my disposal.

And, as we speak, Neptune is exactly conjunct my Mercury***.

Yet, I’m coping. In a way it’s giving me the fluidity to go from crisis to crisis without thinking. Somehow it’s making the whole multiple hat thing easier.

I have a list of outstanding posts I want to write here, but they’ll need to wait a few weeks. If I’m not around much on Facebook, blogs, email etc, you know why.

Anyways, another thing that has come up- and it’s something I need to make a decision on very soon…the name I’m publishing under.

I thought I’d already made this decision- yes, last time Neptune was hanging around Mercury…although there really hasn’t been a time over the last couple of years where it hasn’t been in orb.

I decided I’d publish my fiction under a pseudonym to keep it separate from my astro. I was so adamant I even created an author page under my alter-ego Tracey Hamill.

Just lately I’ve been wondering.

Then last week a few things happened.

I came across a fiction book by Jessica Adams that had nothing to do with astrology. Sure, I knew she wrote fiction, in fact I’d read this particular book years ago- but I hadn’t connected the dots. You can be an astrologer and a fiction writer. Who would have thought it?

Then I listened to a podcast featuring a woman I admire a lot- Dr Anita Heiss. She has absolutely nothing to do with astrology. Nothing. But she writes across numerous genres and makes absolutely no effort at all to keep her readership separate. She is her brand, and her readers know whether they’re picking up her fiction, her non fiction or her poetry…or anything else. You can write under the same name across numerous genres. Who would have thought it?

I’m walking a lot at present, so bingeing on podcasts, and the very next one I listened to was about pseudonyms- and when they’re a good idea.

The following episode featured a man who writes erotic fiction under a female name while being a marketing manager and buyer for a large book distributor by day. That was a great example of when it’s a good idea to have a pseudonym. I’m no longer convinced that my reasons are as good. I’ve worked hard to build a “brand” of sorts, and regardless of genre, my writing voice is my voice.

Having said that, it would be fun to have a shot at writing erotic fiction (hello, Mars in Scorpio in the 8th), but if I ever do, I won’t be publicising that particular pseudonym ;).

Another thing Neptune- Mercury conjunctions are good for is making you aware of random repetitions, synchronicity (if you like)…those little events that on their own mean nothing, but together invite you to take notice. So I am.

I’m now almost as adamant that I’ll be re-creating that author page under my own name after all- but I won’t be making the final call until Mercury is well and truly direct.

I’m currently at cover design phase, so have a couple of weeks until I sign off on that.

What do you think?

*If you want to know what I did on holidays, duck across to and anyways.

** If you want to know more about my novel, you can read about it here.

***If you want to know more about Neptune conjunct Mercury, I’ve posted something here.