Something about Mars and Saturn- and a little more over-sharing

Yesterday I over-shared a little about my health problems.

This winter has been dreadful- much worse than when I was working in a partition with a heap of infected corporates all soldiering on.

Normally I allow myself one head cold a year, with the requisite week after of breathing issues. This year I’ve gone from one to the other to the next and tripled it. Not good.

Hubby made the comment the other night that he hasn’t seen me this consistently unwell since the winter before I had a large op. That winter I caught everything and when I wasn’t actually sick, was rundown, anaemic and full of those niggly little low immune system annoyances. It pushed me into getting the treatment I needed.

That winter Saturn squared all of my Pisces planets.

A few years ago, a similar thing occurred- I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and I couldn’t breathe through it. What manifested? A series of shoulder injuries and some nasty asthma attacks. Saturn was opposite my Pisces planets.

This winter Saturn is inconjunct (or quincunx) my Sun, and as at today, Chiron. Shortly it will be the Moon.

The quincunx (try saying it 3 times after a glass or two of vino) is a particularly difficult aspect. The planets are 150 degrees apart and have absolutely nothing in common. Pisces (water, mutable, yin) has nothing in common with Libra (air, cardinal, yang).

Some action needs to be taken which you quite simply are not ready for, but too bad so sad- you have no choice. In my case, the message is one of health and my habits surrounding it.

How do I know that?

Firstly, Saturn is in my 1st house, so any Saturn transit will always be felt in my body. The difficult ones had historically been associated with health.

This transit is occurring in the 8th house- transformation, intense transformation. I suspect there will be other less fixable 8th house issues before it’s done, but I’m not going there just yet.

In any case, this is Saturn quite simply telling me to fix it. If I don’t, it will get worse- probably culminating in something really nasty when he is in Sagittarius and squaring the same area.

I’ve said it before- I don’t deal with Saturn well. In my chart, the only aspect made to or from Saturn is a quincunx to Mars in the 8th (is anyone seeing a pattern here?). My Mars (at 3 Scorpio) is by far the senior partner in that conversation- and no amount of jostling by Saturn is going to change that.

What we have happening up there in the sky now is the opposite of that- Saturn and Mars are joined in a sign where Saturn is in exaltation (like a guest in the house who gets the best meals, the best bed, the thousand count sheets and the good towels) and where Mars is in detriment (relegated to the shed with the dog and a supply of baked beans for the duration).

This has been working well for me the last couple of weeks- I’ve been nailing my word count targets (2000 per day) and am on schedule to complete the first draft of this astro manuscript by the end of the month.

I’m hopeful of using this same energy to cement the new dietary habits I have to put in place if I don’t want a repeat of what I’ve gone through this week.

Think about where 24 Libra falls in your chart. Now look at where Saturn and Mars are.  This will give you an indication of what the next couple of days of Astro weather means to you.

Mars, amongst other duties, defends what is ours and what we want to be ours- our territories and boundaries, if you like. Saturn represents those boundaries. This is one of those times where you will get what you want only by following established structures and patterns. To do anything else will only lead to frustrations and irritation.

As a transit, it is relatively short- lasting just a couple of days- but when Mars is involved, the potential for the “red mist” to descend over your eyes and create damage is unlimited. Bear that one in mind…

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