Something about making the Gatsby Great…


I saw Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby last night.

Despite mixed reviews from people who are supposed to know about these things, I loved it.

The word I used to describe it was Stupendous. It was. If you’re interested in my full review, I’ve posted it over at and anyways.

That, however, isn’t my point.

Anyone who is familiar with any of Luhrmann’s previous work, knows that his style is theatrical to the extreme. It’s more over the top than the phrase over the top can ever possibly describe. It’s spectacular, lavish and totally glorious.

So, I thought, what sort of chart would bring us such an abundance of excess- and yes I know that I’m mixing my metaphors.

Leo Sun, Moon, Venus or anything? Nope.

Baz Luhrmann has his Sun in, wait for it, Virgo. That’s right, Virgo. Message to all you Virgos who write to me and tell me that you’re not creative? Think again.

We don’t have a birth time for Luhrmann, and I’m not convinced that this level of sheer audacity can be explained by a Taurus Moon (although perhaps his stubborn refusal to deviate from his vision is telling of Taurus tenacity), but it’s a fascinating chart for two very big reasons:

His Virgo Sun Unaspected, Luhrmann’s Sun is pure Virgo. So is his attention to detail. Gatsby is about as perfect in that regard as it can be, re-creating the mood and the attitude of the 20’s against a very modern soundtrack.

Jupiter in Pisces Luhrmann is said to be a risk taker, an adventurer, a buccaneer even. His movies are productions that, like them or loathe them, are of the highest possible standard. That part is very Virgo, but the largesse? The vision? The complete escape into fantasy? That’s not Virgo. That’s Jupiter, in Pisces, trine a very artistic Venus/Neptune conjunction in Scorpio.

Sure there’s more I could say about his chart, but I won’t- feel free to have a look yourself.


The other thing I’ve noticed is this- check out what’s happening with transiting Neptune- it’s sitting right on top of Jupiter. It’s also replicating the natal trine to Neptune and Venus. Saturn is just shy of that point himself.

The grand trine currently in operation between Saturn, Neptune and Mercury is feeding into this natal promise and Gatsby is going great guns at the box office.

The release date of this movie is so absolutely perfect for Luhrmann that an electional astrologer couldn’t have planned it more perfectly.

Speaking of which, the story of Gatsby, with all of its yearning passion, illusion and excesses is a perfect story for Luhrmann’s chart…and there’s not a lot that a Virgo likes more than perfection.