Something about magic, comfort zones & counting to 10…


Wednesday 8 January

Moon in Aries

Ok, lots to talk about today.

Firstly, the Moon.

The first day or so of the Aries Moon each month- at the moment anyway- can be, shall we say, a tad explosive. There’s the square to Pluto, the conjunction with Uranus, the square to Jupiter, and now the opposition to Mars.

Given that we’re talking Mars in Libra and Moon in Aries, there’s a bit of the me vs you, just how hard can I push before you move/explode/give me some sort of reaction, type of energy about this.

That’s fine, just remember that with the opposition, often what you’re seeing and projecting is your own mirror image. Rather than feeling as though someone is doing something to you, quite often that something has its root cause within you.

At the moment that something could be impatience and frustration.

The building square between Mars and Jupiter (exact tomorrow) is one of an awareness that the magic lies outside your comfort zone, but that where you are has its benefits too.

Perhaps you haven’t weighed up all the options, stuck your head outside the cave. Maybe you’re waiting for conditions to be perfect, for the uncertainty to clear.

The thing is, Jupiter is involved in this one, in Cancer. What does this mean? You could just be swallowing your fear…literally. Unless the outward expansion occurs, a more physical one could. If you have planets at or around 15 degrees of, pretty well most signs, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about.

Back to my comment about uncertainty.

With the Moon in Aries, we have a first quarter Moon. This is the point in the cycle where the excitement of the new has started to ebb away and we’re confronted by exactly what needs to happen to make this thing whole.

If you look at the Moon, you should be able to see the outline of the Full Moon- the promise of what is to come. There is uncertainty, but somehow you have to push past this.

My message for all of this? If you’re feeling hot under the collar and ready to explode, take a step back, count to 10, and decide whether the frustration you’re feeling is directed at someone else, or is coming from within.

What else?

Venus and Mercury are conjunct today.

As I said yesterday, this isn’t a whispering sweet nothings sort of conjunction- it’s more of an exchange of business cards. It also has a ring of ghosts of relationships past. Capricorn is a Saturn ruled sign, so when we’re talking ghosts, we’re talking ancient history stuff.

If the ex you’d wished you’d forgotten re-surfaces, smile sweetly, let them see how gorgeous and happy you are and close it down. If you’re not gorgeous and happy, let them think you are….or something like that.

Don’t be surprised if some of the messages and strategies you’re hearing at work disturb your personal integrity, or if business relationships that you respected and trusted, now seem not so respected and trusted.

The message might come with a memo, a shrug and a ‘I know we’ve shafted you and it’s so wrong, but hey, it’s just a business decision…’

Things may not necessarily be as bad as they seem right now….the message is unlikely to be crystal clear. These situations will probably not clarify until Venus passes this point again on her direct cycle, so before you make any rash declarations that you can’t undo, yep, I’m going to say it again…count to 10.

I’m doing this 7 day challenge to post an inspirational quote on instagram. Todays is below- it feels appropriate for the Mars/Jupiter square…