Something about lying down until the feeling passes…

Moon Taurus james steidl

Monday 26 August

Moon in Taurus

My mother has this saying that if she feels the urge to exercise, she lies down until the feeling passes- as it means that she must be ill.

I tell you that tongue in cheek as my Mum is still the same weight as the day she got married, and is one of those people who have never had to diet- although she tells me that once, after she had me, she “ballooned” up to 9 stone…

Anyways, today could be a little like that.

Mercury is about to oppose Neptune.

Although Mercury is super strong in Virgo, Neptune is super strong in Pisces- and Neptune is there for the long run.

Today, especially if you are the Mercurial type, thoughts and solutions might seem to slip from your grasp, and rational thinking might be a forlorn hope. In fact today you might just be thinking that Mercury has gone retrograde again and someone forgot to tell you.

In any case, the Moon is in Taurus, so you would be forgiven for lying down until the feeling passes.

While on the subject, Moon in Taurus brings with it the usual stay away from the fridge warnings. With Neptune affecting your ability to make considered judgment and choice and impacting your ability to express yourself clearly, this warning is even more appropriate this month.

What to do? Not a lot. Taurus Moon encourages mindfulness and all that living in the moment stuff. So I’d be doing just that, if possible, today.