Something about loose threads and tripping hazards…

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mars square Pluto

Moon in Capricorn

Regardless of whatever else is going on for you today, what should be happening is getting on with things.

The Moon in Capricorn is always a great time to brush away the excuses and get down to business – whatever it is that business means to you.

Mars and Pluto, however, won’t be making things easy for you – but then again, whoever said life was meant to be easy?

A square between these two generally means resistance, issues with authority or road blocks…or it could be you being these things. It also, however, brings with it the potential to get lots done as long as what is being done is being done for the right reasons and as long as what is being done is being done properly – and this is where Mars in Aries has the potential to come unstuck.

You see, Mars in Aries just wants things to happen quickly, and Pluto doesn’t like to leave any loose threads. Loose threads have the inconvenient habit of being unravelled or of tripping you up later. Are you getting my gist? Get what you need to get done, but take care not to leave any future tripping hazards.

Over to you.