Something about lime week…


Monday 23 September

Moon in Taurus

Sun in Libra

It’s lime week again here in Chez Tracey.

The lime tree in my backyard has been extraordinarily generous, providing another huge basket of wondrous greenness yesterday.

The timing was perfect.

During Taurus Moon times I make extra effort to pre-plan tasty meals- those that look great, smell great, and have a fragrance on the tongue- yet won’t break the calorie bank. The default position, you see, is to go into can’t really be faffed mode- and that can usually end just one way- in macaroni cheese and tummy trouble, and dieters remorse.

Last night I marinated some fresh seafood (calamari, scallops, prawns and snapper fillets) in a mix of oyster sauce, ginger and chilli for about half an hour before popping them on the barbecue.

We served the seafood in a vermicelli salad with a dressing of a little palm sugar, chilli, lime juice and fish sauce.

Given that Taurus is all about pleasure and the senses, the meal wouldn’t have been complete without a chilled Kiwi pinot gris.

Anyways, it worked a treat.

I’m thinking that a chicken larb salad could be on the menu tonight…

Anyways, what else is happening? As this post goes to press, the Sun is the teeniest smidgeon away from moving into Libra.

We were talking on the Facebook page yesterday about the nicest things we can say about Libra. Naturally though, there are two sides to every sign, so for the full picture, check out yesterdays post.

If you’re interested in my recipes, keep an eye out on And Anyways for fresh ideas…


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