Something about life being fair…or not…


Sunday 11 August

Moon in Libra

As this goes to press, I’ll be on my way to the airport.

I have a few posts queued up ready to go on here, but will be posting pics and words on and anyways and instagram- as affordable internet access allows.

If you don’t follow me on instagram already, my username is jotracey, and there’s a link on the side bar here.

Anyways, to the skies.

The Moon is in Libra, so the mood should be a little more relaxed today than it has been for the last couple of days. If you have any leftover guilt over jobs that should have been done, let it go already- it’s all so yesterday.

Sunday morning (or Saturday evening for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere) begins with the potential for some fun and lively conversation as La Luna links up to a demonstrative Mercury in Leo. An inconjunct across to Neptune could have you believing words that you really should know better than to believe, but this one is quick to pass.

Later in the day, a square to Jupiter could have you lolling about on the sofa selecting chocolates from a tray and indulging in a period drama on TV…or something else equally as decadent….after all, it’s the weekend, and everyone knows that calories consumed on the weekend behave differently to those eaten during the week. For a start, they don’t hit the scales until at least Tuesday.

Personally, I’ll be relaxing back in Qantas cattle class watching movies on a tiny screen- and loving every minute of it…I’m one of those people who even enjoys airline food. I’ll also be worrying about doing a running transit in Hong Kong to a connecting flight in a timeframe that I wouldn’t normally recommend.

Which brings me to the background aspect building today- a square off between Mercury and Saturn.

Mercury in Leo is demonstrative and generous. Saturn in Scorpio…is not. The upside of this one is an opportunity to put some structure and planning around your grand visions.

The downside may be a tendency to drink from a glass that seems to always be half empty and look at the world that’s so not fair through glasses that are decidedly murky, at a sky that’s the colour of that white shirt that accidentally got washed with your black pants.

It’s entirely up to you which way you go with this one…