Something about liberation…


Rebellion and revolution sound like they’d be great things to do. On paper.

Stand up for yourself, fight for what you believe in, change the world, be who you should be, live without excuses… all phrases we throw around whenever Uranus is involved.

The Sun, however, is about ego…and the ego likes to be gratified…and that generally means whatever your version of dancing girls and the hallelujah chorus is.

The Sun likes to be liked, Uranus couldn’t give a faff…so when these two come together, sparks will fly, and the unexpected can be expected.

Anyone who has had Uranus conjunct their Sun or Ascendant knows all about the butterflies this brings- it can feel a little like you’re on a roller coaster and your tummy has been left at the top. It’s a feeling that makes you want to do something…anything. It’s a feeling that peeps with their Sun or Ascendant at around 11-13 Aries would be feeling now.

If you’re that way inclined, it’s a delicious feeling. If, however, you have the Moon in a fixed sign, you mightn’t be feeling quite as enthusiastic about the process.

Todays meeting of the Sun and Uranus is a precursor to the main event for you guys.

For the rest of us it could bring some of that electric anticipation, it could bring with it an urge to break free, it could bring something surprising, or, especially if you’re not aware, it could bring nothing at all.

Just remember though, the reason we stay in the situations, jobs, relationships, habits etc that we stay in is because they’re comfortable, because it’s what others expect of us, because it fits a version of ourselves that we’ve built up for whatever reason. When we change these things- especially if we change suddenly, we will encounter resistance, and disputes- and for those of you with Aries Suns and Ascendants, it’s important to remember this.

Given that today the Moon is in a Fixed sign, Taurus, any sort of liberating activity may come across as being rash and impulsive. Indeed, with Jupiter still in the mix, you could be tempted to impulsively and rashly take unnecessary and (quite frankly) stupid risks. Don’t. That’s what causes accidents and disputes.

Today is not the day for life changing decisions. It is, however, a good time to test the waters of freedom, flexibility and liberation. It will help you determine whether what you’re feeling is a genuine desire to break free or just a mounting frustration to do something.

Another thing? Don’t plan your schedule too tightly today, and keep your mind and perception open to the potential of surprise.