something about letting things go…


Someone in my life is lying to me at the moment- and no, before you make assumptions, it’s not my husband.

You’d think that all of my Pisces and Neptune would have a habit of not normally noticing these things. Indeed, often I don’t- notice, that is- except for when it’s someone I’m close to… then my instincts are finely tuned. And this person has done it before to me- so this time my instincts are screaming at me.

Sure I have a habit of forgiving people who do crap like this, but lying, especially when it is needless (as it is in this instance) sends me into a tail spin. And I hate people treating me as if I’m stupid- especially people who should know better.

So I did what I usually do in these circumstances- I gathered my evidence, and then I cast a horary.

Generally speaking, in a question of trust, we look at the nature of the significator and any receptions between that and the querent. The ruler of the significator (Lord 11th house) Mercury, is in a mutable, double bodied sign, Pisces.

When ill dignified, Mercury is described as a liar, a gossip and a cheat. Mercury is about as badly dignified as it’s possible to be. Ouch.

Without going into too much more detail (this isn’t a “how to” post), indications are that my friend is not being honest with me- although I have no idea why.

The thing is, I’ve felt that this friendship has been slipping away lately, and I have no idea how to fight for it, or indeed if I should. It hurts…a lot. It’s almost like our time is done. I don’t want this to be the case, I hope I’m wrong, but it’s what I’m feeling- and, as I said, it hurts.

This Mercury Retrograde has brought some amazing moments of emotional and creative clarity. It’s also brought the realisation that it’s time to let go of some other stuff- other attachments and dreams that simply no longer do me any good.  I’m not going into the specifics of that here.

The thing is, under the influence of Pisces and Neptune, the letting go is just that, a slipping away rather than a wrenching. Similar to letting go of balloons and watching them soar into the sky, out of grasp.

With Saturn in Scorpio and trine my Pisces planets, the elimination process seems somehow more gentle. That doesn’t make it any less painful, because it’s not- and on this occasion, it’s made worse by dishonesty.

As for those other things I’ve let go of? They’ve gone. I watched them as I let them go- until they were just specks in the sky and then…nothing.



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