something about letting go, hot wax and spring cleaning…


Yesterday we talked about the Yod. I love the word.

We talked about how blockages need to be cleared in order to let things flow freely…so to speak.

We also talked about how yesterdays Venus/Pluto square and todays Sun/Pluto square are pretty well the last important aspects before this particular yod is completely separated.

That’s the thing about these quick moving transits- ie when personal planets come into contact with the big guys- they act as triggers to the bigger story.

Whenever Pluto is involved, a release or letting go of something is required to effect transformation- if you hadn’t worked it out, transformation is my favourite Pluto word.

Whenever a square is involved, there is tension involved. And events. Events  that you have no control over, Events that force actions…new types of actions. The sort of actions that you take rather than decide.

You know the type? You’re backed into a corner, you stamp your foot, have a tanty, scream and cry a little maybe… Eventually, once you’ve stopped having tanties and screaming and crying and stamping your foot, you work out that this new situation demands a new type of reaction and a new type of action. So you do it.

Whenever the Sun is involved we’re talking ego, self expression, mode of behaviour. When the Sun in Aries is involved, this is all exaggerated- as the Sun is exaggerated in this sign.

Put it all together and you have Sun square Pluto.

Are problems with bosses or other authorities causing you problems? Look carefully at your work and make sure that it is the best it can be before wailing that life isn’t fair.

Maybe it’s you who is (consciously or otherwise) using power for its own sake?

Are there habits or behaviours which (consciously or otherwise) are stopping you from moving forward? Be honest. Fear is likely to be involved- whenever ego comes into the mix, that’s a given.

Which leads me into my next point- another inconjunct…this time between the Sun and Saturn. Exact yesterday, the influence is still there. And when it comes to fear, Saturn is the master. As for holding on due to fear of the unknown? Saturn in Scorpio will do that too- at least until he’s ready to let go.

This square, yesterdays between Venus and Pluto, and todays between the Sun and Pluto, might just be the trigger points you need.

Here’s the thing- holding onto habits and behaviours that no longer work for you will just make your life more difficult. Maybe not now, but sometime soon. Sometimes you can’t see what’s next because you’re holding on so tight. Sometimes a little “Spring” cleaning is required.

The Aries energy is one of courage and action. Sometimes letting go of something is a little like ripping hot wax off your bikini line. You know it’s going to hurt, but you may as well just get it over with.

The Moon in Sagittarius provides some extra encouragement and support- cheering you on… reminding you that when Aries is involved, the mantra is JFDI- Just Flipping Do It.