Daily Planets

Something about kites, crosses and cement…

young woman, girl with a scorpio tatoo on her arm

We’ve been so busy of late talking about the Grand Cross, that anything seems almost, well, irrelevant.

Today the Moon in Scorpio will form a kite. Look at it in the pic below. Coming off Jupiter and Pluto, it will act as a softening of the Grand Cross energy.

Chart-93 copy

With the Moon still in Scorpio, things will still feel intense, but it could be that you’re starting to get a handle on things, an idea of what lurks below.

As the Moon joins Saturn, there’ll also be a stern talking to of the get real variety.

It’s like the t-shirt my daughter wanted to buy in Phuket last year:

Go to Bunnings* buy some cement and harden the F$%^ up, Princess.

Although I had a secret giggle, I had my responsible mother hat on and said it wasn’t appropriate.

While it may not have been appropriate for my (then) 15 year old daughter to wear, the advice could very well be appropriate for many of us at present.

* Bunnings is a chain of Australian hardware stores