something about Jupiter retrograde and asking for yes…

Jupiter is currently crawling towards the point at which he’ll station direct.

It’s painfully slow. Painfully. He’s covered only about 40 minutes of orb since hitting the stationing degree- 6 Gemini.

I find all Jupiter retrogrades tough- I’ve written about that one before. But this one has seemed interminable.

It’s also been very much about me.

The retrograde station point at 16 Gemini 22’, was square my Ascendant (16 Pisces 29’).  It happened just as I was coming to terms with going to work for someone else, and my idea that I was compromising all of my creative plans in the process.

It hasn’t worked out like that.

Instead, I’ve learned a lot about things I didn’t know. I’ve widened my acquaintance to include other creative types in the world of design and marketing, I’ve pumped out the first draft of a manuscript, and I’ve earned enough money to get us over the Christmas hump and to even things out financially for us. More importantly, I’ve learned just how badly I want to do what I want to do. That’s the challenge and the potential of the square.

Jupiter is now less that a week from turning direct. The station point 6 Gemini 19’ is just 1 minute of orb from being exactly square my natal Mercury. Yep, to the minute.

My contract ended this week, and from next Wednesday I’m officially back building my business.

This station has been hard though.

I’m working on the re-write for my first chick lit manuscript– which is going to be published this year (Universe- I’m sending the message out…). I’d set myself a self imposed deadline, and it’s been going well. On the whole, I agree with all of my editors suggestions, and am incorporating them into the re-write. It’s definitely working better. He’s picked up on the details that I’ve overlooked.

I’ve kept at the forefront of my mind advice from a fellow writer that she’s seen many come unstuck because they haven’t listened to their editors and have doggedly kept in storylines that don’t work.

I’ve had an element of that too. I’ve written in scenes that at the time I was pretty chuffed with, only for him to say that it reads well, but does nothing to move the story ahead. On reflection, he was right.

One of the messages of Jupiter square Mercury is to examine ideas closely and see just how well they do hold up to an argument- this is the best time to change a stubbornly held viewpoint…if it needs to be changed.

It’s like the Universe, with this station point, is asking me whether I’m really sure that I’ve done that.

Like when Mr T went round and round a roundabout in Yorkshire. I’d given him the direction to go left, but as everyone else was going right, he was giving me the opportunity to change my mind. I stuck with left- and I was right.

The thing about retrogrades is that we aren’t going backwards, we’re just being asked to look at a situation differently. We’re being asked to put a new spin on a situation, look at details that might otherwise be overlooked, change your perspective- if it needs changing.

That occurred to me the other day as well.

My two words for the year are up  and yes.

I already say yes to a lot- way too much. I say yes to things I don’t want to do. This year though, I want others to say yes to me. The lightbulb moment? For people to say yes to you, you have to ask them first…and I rarely ask anyone for anything- I’m too afraid of hearing no.

My 12th house natally retrograde Pisces Mercury (the 2nd worst Mercury in history- my mates is worse cos he’s got Saturn conjunct retrograde Mercury in Pisces in the 12th house) operates inwardly rather than outwardly. This is a perfect placement for a writer, but not so good for a writer that wants to be published. The thing is, no one is going to come and tap me on the shoulder and say they’ve heard how amazing I am- if I don’t tell them.

This retrograde has been all about the realisation that I have to get out there, I have to get out of the 12th house, and I have to risk rejection- over and over and over again. I have to risk a no to get a yes.

My natal Jupiter is in the 5th house (trine Neptune)- if anyone knows about odds and is happy to take a risk, it should be me. And the odds of getting a yes will be improved with every person I ask.