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Something about Jonathan Cainer…

Zodiac signs - Sagittarius

Although the cardinal crossie thing continues to build, the mood today is very different to what it has been. For a start, the Moon is in Sagittarius, allowing you to see the glint of light, no matter how tiny, that is blinking at the end of that tunnel of yours.

Secondly, Venus and Jupiter, the Universe’s two good guys, are trine today. More importantly, the Moon, in Sagittarius, is in mutual reception with Jupiter. What does this mean? Just that the Moon and Jupiter are in each others signs and aspecting each other. That’s a good thing. It helps you keep your faith- even when it is, perhaps appropriately, on shaky ground. It also might help you get through that pile of chocolate…

Personally, I’m just looking forward to catching up on some sleep and not having to do that flipping commute for the next four days. Nearly two hours to get home again yesterday afternoon. Two hours…for about 20 something kms.

Anyways, the other night I spent (another) two hours in Sydney traffic in order to go and listen to Jonathan Cainer. It was worth it- he was amazing.

My key takeaways, aside from his optimism and positivity?

  • A reminder that all of us have a part of all of the zodiac in us- some parts of which are easily accessible and some that aren’t as well integrated
  • There’s something to laugh about in all signs
  • Some signs get worse press than others- hello Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio
  • We each have some of those in as as well
  • This means that all of us in some way will be affected by the Grand Cross.
  • Speaking of which, yes, it could be challenging and it could be uncomfortable, but it’s also full of the possibility of growth.
  • Mercury retrogrades are a gift.

What else? He brought Terry Mackinell, and expert on the Aquarian Age, to the stage to talk about his research into this. Some fascinating insights. He’s written a book, The Dawning, about this, and about breaking down the age into its sub parts- and how you can use this to layer up macro or global forecasts. If you’re interested in these concepts, duck across to

It’s my baby brother’s birthday today, so happy birthday to my favourite Aries guys!