Something about intentions and habits….

Clipboard with Checklist and Red Pen

Monday 20 January

Moon in Virgo

I bought myself a diary the other day.

Not a writing everything in journal sort of diary, I always have them. No, this is one of those week to a page day planner type of ones. One of those ones that you put your appointments in and write your weekly to do list in as well.

Common sense, I hear you say?

Not necessarily so…not for me. But, as I mentioned before, I’m in a Saturn/Sun phase, so I need the structure and, in the way of Saturn, if I don’t do it myself, life is likely to get extremely complicated extremely quickly.

This intentional transit thing is usually easier said than done, though.

Take my current Neptune/Mars transit, for example. It’s at the exact degree now.

I seem to recall writing something about how if you don’t kick back a little, the Universe will find some way of making sure that you do. The aspect I’m dealing with is a trine, so it will happen quickly.

Naturally, I forgot my own advice and chose last week to push my Routeburn training to the next level. A few more hills, an extra long walk, extra levels and intervals on the cross trainer…that sort of thing.

It stood to reason that the injury, when it came, would be quick. And so it was. A calf injury- one of those ones that had me limping in pain, unable to reach, unable to walk up or down stairs, soft sand…that sort of thing.

When it happened, on Saturday, I said that the timing couldn’t have been worse. Now I’m thinking it was good that it happened now, rather than in a few weeks time. At least I have time now to repair it before I tackle the mountain. It’s also the impetus I need to get me back into some lap swimming instead. It’s something that I love to do, need to do, but have been resisting on account of having to squeeze back into black lycra, battle school holiday swimmers, and- and here’s the real reason- it doesn’t burn off nearly as many calories as a hard session on the cross trainer does. And I’m always in a hurry. Yes. Neptune-Mars.

Also, my nightly single wine is now more than a single wine. Neptune rules alcohol, poisons, and other substances of abuse and illusion, and is, after all passing through my 12th. So, it’s becoming clear that moderation is not an option at this point in time. It’s a little too easy at the moment to lose focus, and lose count.

Anyways, to the sky…

The Sun moves into Aquarius later today. I’ll have a post up later today, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in the best parts of Aquarius, pop over to the Facebook page and check out the conversation.

The Moon is in Virgo, and, in lieu of any difficult aspects, the Virgo energy should be flowing freely.

I’ll be using it to get some accounts and figures up to date. I’ve learned over the months that these few days aren’t great for creative work…other than editing.

If you have something detailed that needs doing, that you’ve been putting off, today is a good day to be doing it.

The same goes for your everyday or healthy (and I use the word lightly) habits. Each month we have an opportunity to review these…

I’ll leave that one with you.