Something about individuation…

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sun sextile Uranus

Moon in Leo

The whole of Aquarius season is about, at its core, individuation. I hate that word – much like I hate the word journey – but the message is appropriate. Wherever Aquarius is in your chart is the house that Uranus rules in your chart, and is where the outcomes of all Uranus transits are felt.

Sure, this probably means nothing if you’re not receiving any Uranus transits at the moment, but your Aquarius house is integral to your core truth, or self…whatever way you might want to look at it.

Todays aspect – Sun sextile Uranus – is an opportunity for you to act a little more freely, make things a little more interesting, mix routine up a little more.

It’s not a day for making wholesale changes, or grand rebellious gestures, or even achieving breakthroughs. What it is, is an opportunity for you to follow your interest, your curiosity and just see where it takes you. Tweak a few things here and there, perhaps. It’s these small opportunities that, when taken, help further down the track when Uranus really is getting serious about prodding you to be who you really are.