Something about having more in the glass…

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sun trine Jupiter

Moon into Virgo

There are some transits that can’t help but fill you with joy. Sun trine Jupiter is one of those. Sadly, for us here on the East Coast of Australia, it will be exact sometime in the middle of the night, but those of you on the other side of the world will be enjoying it on Saturday night.

Naturally, not all of us can be having a good time at the same time – that would be completely unrealistic – so when I say this transit is one of the good guys, I do, of course, say so with the proviso of all other things being equal, and relatively speaking and all of those types of words. If there’s bad stuff in the background, well, I guess there’s bad stuff in the background.

What can you expect from this? Well, Jupiter is about abundance and optimism, the Sun is vitality and enthusiasm. If you’ve done the pre-work and the opportunity presents itself, this could be a “lucky” day. If you haven’t done the pre-work and the opportunity presents itself, this could be a “shoulda coulda woulda” type of day. If you’re a glass half empty person, there could be a little more left in the glass today.

Of course, Jupiter really wants you to put yourself out there and try something different that will expand your boundaries. That tends to be when the so-called luck happens. Of course, you could spend the day doing faff all, but that would be, in my humble opinion, a waste of a good feel-good transit. But hey, what you do is up to you…