Daily Planets

Something about having enough…


I’ve been feeling lately that I’ve taken on a little more than I can handle.

It’s all good, though, and is far better than being bored!

It’s my own fault- with Jupiter so prominent in my chart, my default position seems to be a resounding ‘yes’….when it possibly should be a ‘let me check my calendar and existing commitments and get back to you…’

My family joke that my mantra is to say ‘seriously, how hard can it be?’…before finding out that it can actually be very difficult indeed!

Normally though, I grit my teeth and do it anyway.

With the Sun squaring off against Jupiter today, more of you could find yourself saying yes, instead of ‘I’ll think about it’…or ‘more, please’ when you’ve probably had enough- or at least more than your share. This is especially the case with the Moon in Taurus by the time this aspect is exact.

This is a generous, extravagant and potentially arrogant transit. Employ a little restraint and a teeny amount of humility and you’ll find that things will work for you rather than against you.

The main event for this set of transits is coming up- the conjunction to Uranus and square to Pluto…more on that tomorrow.

For now, look at both the house that the Sun is moving through, and the house that the Sun rules in your chart (that will be the one with Leo on the cusp)- that part of life will be a major player for you in this unfolding drama.