Something about having a better day…


Tuesday January 7

Moon in Aries

The thing with lunar energy is, working with it rather than against it can help you have a better day.

When the Moon is in Aries, the time is right to start stuff, throw yourself into something, accept challenges, fight the good fight….that sort of stuff. It’s not so much about taking it easy, avoiding conflict, or dealing with details and repetitive tasks.

If you take on the former, you’re likely to have a better day than if you persist or willfully (which is an Aries word) persist with the latter.

Sure, sometimes you can’t avoid certain tasks popping up on days where you’d be better placed doing something else. In many cases, however, a little forward planning and scheduling of activities will help. As an example:

If you’re trying to get a complicated message across, don’t do it on a day when the Moon is in Aries- many people will be too impatient to listen. Schedule it instead for a couple of days later- when the Moon is in Gemini and curiosity is at its peak.

If you’ve got monthly figures to get out- schedule the completion of the bulk of it when the Moon is in either Taurus, Scorpio or Virgo.

If you know you have an important meeting that will require decisions to be made and the Moon will be in Pisces that day, make sure you get some strategy and pre-work done a few days before- when the Moon is in Capricorn.

Get it?

This year we’ll be working more with this stuff- I’ll even be putting together some DIY workbooks that will help you through. More on that later….

What else for the next 24 hours?

Building in the background we have two aspects to pay attention to- the first is Venus and Mercury exchanging sweet nothings….well, it would be sweet nothings if it were happening in a sign other than Capricorn.

It is, however, a good aspect to exchange ideas, to talk about relationship issues- particularly those that seem to come up over and over again- and to reach out to someone else for help with those goals you’ve been working on.

Given that Venus is retrograde, don’t be surprised if the ghosts of relationships past come back to haunt you. If they do, take the opportunity to step back and look dispassionately at what went before, and allow the closure thing to happen.

Also, Mars and Jupiter are pulling on their gloves and preparing to square off. There’ll be more on this one tomorrow, but given that the signs involved are Libra and Cancer, the gloves are likely to be velvet with (fake) fur trimmed or, the finest of soft leathers on one side, and warm, woolly mittens on the other.

This one is about expanding your boundaries, moving past the fear and into the future. You may even be feeling it already.