Something about hashtags and using your words….

Zodiac signs - Scorpius

Friday 24 January

Moon in Scorpio

I don’t talk a lot about my politics or political leanings on this page. Mostly that’s because it’s my politics and it’s not up to me to force it down anyone’s throat- everyone has the right to their own opinion…even if I don’t agree with it!

Suffice to say, politically speaking, I’m left and green of centre.

Anyways, yesterday afternoon, I read a story in the paper that got my blood boiling. It was about how our Australian government is looking to wind back the World Heritage listing on some of the forests in Tasmania. This is old wood, once it’s gone, we’ll never get it back stuff. It’s the latest in a series of similar announcements- that have also got my blood boiling.

My husband is substantially more conservative, politically speaking, and Miss 15 is apathetic- something I wasn’t at her age, and something that frustrates me immensely. As I pulled my soapbox out, both of them rolled their eyes- that made my blood boil more.

I recall having these arguments with my parents and having them and my siblings roll their eyes.

Then Miss 15 said, ‘why worry about it? It’s not like you can do anything about it anyway…’

What. The. F#$%? It was the exact words that my parents used to say to me. When did these roles get reversed?

Anyways, it was a pretty good example of the prevailing lunar energy yesterday afternoon…the exchanging of opinions and information- although I was doing a little Jupiterian pulpit preaching…something I admit to having a tendency to do.

I ended the discussion by saying something like, ‘I just think you need to be aware of what’s happening, and have an opinion on it. I don’t care if it’s different to my opinion, but you need an opinion. Just saying.’

‘Sorry Mum, you can’t end an argument with a hashtag.’


Today as Mercury links up with Mars, there will be more of an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions. Mars puts weight and energy behind the words and ideas. Thoughts into action, if you will…although with Mars in Libra, there’ll also be a push to try and keep the peace and not offend others while you’re doing so.

The Moon in Scorpio adds intensity to todays emotional weather forecast. Even if you’re ok with the Scorpio energy (personally, I love Scorpio Moon time), be aware that others may not be, and may instead be struggling with metaphorical demons.

Generally under this Moon, people may also react emotionally in ways that they don’t usually. Be aware of this as well, use your words, speak your truth, and play nicely in the sandpit.