Something about hard places and Aquarius…

Thursday January 19, 2017

Moon in Libra

Mars square Saturn

Did anyone say rock and a hard place? Yeah, possibly, but both Mars and Saturn are in mutable signs, so these two are more likely to forget to hold their ground.

Mars and Saturn aspects are generally about caution, and often about fear. The advice is that instead of charging off you proceed slowly, and if you’re making excuses, ask yourself whether it’s because you’re scared. Be honest.

Another thing that can get thrown up under this aspect is problems with superiors – or, rather, people who might be in a position of authority over you. Again, though, this mightn’t be unreasonable – it could just appear so. Again, be honest.

What else? Early tomorrow morning the Sun moves into Aquarius. This means it’s warming whatever part of your chart is ruled by Aquarius. Want more info? Here’s a link to last year’s post.