Something about Hallmark Moments…


Tuesday 9 July 2013

Moon in Cancer

Moon into Leo

One of my oldest and dearest friends is a Gemini Sun. So what, I hear you ask. More importantly she is Moon conjunct Mercury in Cancer…in the 3rd house.

I love receiving cards from her…why? They are full of what she wants to say. She remembers my doubts and fears- not just the few that I tell her about, but the multitudes I don’t tell her about- and she attempts in words to send them on their way.

She treasures the history of our friendship. I do too, but she tells me.

Today Mercury and the Sun will meet up. So if you need to say what you feel, or write what you feel, or tell it in a song or a poem or a special cooked meal, today is the day to do it.

Memories from the past will resurface, some of these you’ll treasure, others you’ll look through the album in your mind and then close it off for another day. That’s the best thing about memories.

Perhaps you’ve already been doing this.

The Moon has made her way past the Sun and Mercury while those of us in the Southern hemisphere were sleeping.

She’s stirred the memory pot and the strands of feeling are there to be drawn upon.

I wrote a little about this a while ago over on and anyways. The key to unlock my memory is always music. Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight reminds me of unpacking in the house we moved to in Springwood, the year I was 15. Augie March’s One Crowded Hour has me in a casino bar at 4am, and One Direction’s One Way or Another will always remind me of this years trip to Phuket. Sad but true.

I use music to inspire feeling in my writing- especially my fiction. I find a song that feels like what I want to say and the words flow.  It helps me say what needs to be said.

The influence will be with us all day, but by the time the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury is exact, the Moon will be in Leo. This will help with the expression of any emotion…but could also replace or amplify the sensitivity of the moment with a little drama!

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