Something about Grand Trines, potential and modern art…


I don’t know about you, but I’ve often found myself in an art gallery gazing at a piece that apparently has some sort of subconscious yet existential meaning. These days I look for a title- I find that helpful.

Anyways, if you’re in a modern art space, it won’t be long before someone stands next to you, nods knowledgably and either says to you (or the partner who somehow managed to get him there), something like:

‘I could do that.’

Then he’ll say (and it is usually a him), something like:

‘Seriously, it’s just a red stripe of paint on a canvas. How hard could it be?’

Then he’ll nod again and say something like:

‘Yep, I could do that.’

Yeah, but you didn’t.

That’s the thing about grand trines…you could do it…but very often you don’t…or you do and no one sees it or knows about it. This is especially the case if we’re talking about a grand water trine.

It doesn’t matter how great a writer you are, how talented a painter, how gifted a teacher- if you don’t do anything with it or put yourself out there, you might as well have no talent at all…for all the good it does you.

Sure I might think that I’m a better writer than the trash I was reading last night, but the point is, they’ve done the hard yards, they’ve stayed with it, they’ve had faith and they’ve risked themselves and their emotions to get it out there. I’m still going through that process.

Harsh? Absolutely. But also very often true.

One friend commented on the Facebook page (and I hope she doesn’t mind me repeating this) that “they (Grand Trines) can be big triangular whirlpools, with all the energy going down the hole in the middle.”

It’s a perfect observation. It’s why I have the postcard above pinned to my noticeboard. It’s from Melbourne store Third Drawer Down and serves as a constant reminder to me that unless you do something with it, potential remains potential.

When I see a Grand Trine in a natal chart, or even a Solar Return Chart, I get excited by the potential. Then I worry about the frustration of that potential.

It’s like the Grand Water trine that we’re seeing in the sky now. There are plenty of people excited about it- and why shouldn’t they be? This is a pretty magical configuration.

We have Neptune and Jupiter in signs where they are super strong and Saturn in Scorpio, newly direct.

If Neptune is about dreams and fantasy, Jupiter about opportunity and expansion and Saturn about manifestation and keeping it real, surely together something has to happen?

The short answer is no, something probably won’t just happen. The longer answer is slightly different- something might happen, but you need to:

  • Notice it
  • Grab hold of it
  • Get over your fears associated with it, and
  • Do something with it

To take my analogy of modern art further, you have to buy the paint, slap it onto the canvas and risk public humiliation and rejection to get it out there.

If you’re passionate about your creative baby- and generally you are or it wouldn’t matter so much,  it’s one thing to have the potential to write that book, paint that picture, or whatever…it’s entirely another to put your money where your mouth is and get it out there.

And yes Jo- I’m talking about you!

Oh, where is all of this happening? At 4 degrees of the water signs. If you have planets (especially the personal ones) at or around this point, this post is for you. If you have planets (especially the personal ones) at or around 4 degrees of anything else, those points will be square or opposite one of the points of this triangle. Use these planets to make the best of the potential out there.

My warning to you guys? Don’t over think it, don’t try and explain it, don’t attempt to rationalise or predict the outcome- this is water that we’re talking about…feel your way.

For a recap on Grand Trines and Kites in the natal chart, check out Lets Go Fly A Kite


  1. Love the pic at the top and the reminder to just actually do things. I think it’s true what you said about the energies being wasted, because I know from personal experience that I tend more towards a wait and see what happens thing .. though I’m generally an impatient person. Mostly I think I’m afraid to take action just in case I do the wrong thing, I probs should overcome that… along with the other tendency I have (especially in craft related matters) that my work is not that good. No matter how much praise I get from my friends who I create amazing one-off pieces for.. I still think it was hard and I couldn’t do it again and it’s a one-off! BUT, hoping the energy will be with me either tomorrow or the next day when I apply for a job .. undecided whether to go Wed or Thurs…I think I’ll take your advice to “feel my way” about that, and to DO IT!!! Thanks JO 🙂

    1. JFDI Debbie- just flipping do it! Lol. Your chart is an inherently creative one…it’s just that your Virgo Sun looks for imperfections & not good enoughs.

  2. So, so so useful, thank you. I’m really feeling the pressure to act but the fear is the hardest. You’ve given me a sense of how to handle it.
    I really enjoy your site.

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