Daily Planets

Something about going overboard…

Sun opposition Jupiter

So, the Sun and Jupiter walk into a bar…what could possibly go wrong?

What indeed…

Sun – Jupiter contacts – even the opposition – tend to be quite positive in nature…relatively speaking.

As with all oppositions, however, there’s a potential towards extremes. Whenever the Sun is involved, that extreme could involve ego. Whenever Jupiter is involved, that extreme could involve, ok, probably will involve, going overboard in something – usually because of exuberance and confidence.

Over-spending, over-indulgence, over- confident, over-stepping boundaries, over –estimating your own abilities or resources, over- committing, over-whelming others, under-estimating risks… I’ll let you take your pick from that menu of possibilities.

The lesson? This can be positive – extremely so…but only if you rein your own tendencies in. It can also represent a completion (as do many oppositions) of something.

In summary? If you are intending on doing anything that resembles a metaphorical jumping overboard, make sure you have someone near by with a metaphorical life buoy – in case you need it.