Something about going outside to play…


Friday 27 September

Moon in Cancer

La Luna is now in Cancer and, in just under 10 minutes, the trine between Jupiter and Venus will be exact.

Venus and Jupiter are known traditionally as the Greater and Lesser Benefic. Essentially this means that they’re the zodiacs good guys, so when these guys come together generally, at the very least, it’s a good hair day all round.

This is a relatively short lived transit, so while its great for all things Venusian and Jupiter, it’s probably not going to change your life- that is unless it gives you the confidence to get off your butt and pop that book proposal in the mail…or is that just me? But hey, who cares, it can feel good- right?

It can also feel lazy and indulgent and possibly even a little greedy- and that’s ok every so often too.

Yes, I know Venus is in detriment- and you can dwell on that if you like, but Jupiter, being exalted in Cancer, is the senior partner in todays little planetary arrangement, so whatever it is that you do with this energy, do it with optimism and faith- even if you’re not normally inclined to either optimism or faith.

With the signs of Cancer and Scorpio involved, you’re probably unlikely to take any huge risks or be involved in anything incredibly daring, but with these influences, stepping outside the cave into the sun can be a great thing to do.