Something about going back…


Mercury is pretty well stationary and will officially turn direct in less than a day.

For those of you who struggle with these things, it could be a case of heavy sighs of relief.

I’m a little meh about it.

Sure there’s been the usual Mercury retrograde stuff in the news, the usual Mercury retrograde stuff on the roads. There’s even been the usual Mercury retrograde encounters from the past (especially at the start when Mercury was in Cancer). But other than that? It’s been the usual amount of ok. Any issues or mistakes have been a result of my own lack of care or common sense.

I’ve struggled more than usual with the numbers- but that’s pretty well situation normal for me. There’s been more than the usual amount of re-work required as a result of getting formulas or calculations wrong. Again, throw detail and numbers into the mix and that’s situation normal for me. Really, that was just a reminder that I needed to slow down and take one task at a time. So I did. Once I stopped trying to force it and allowed things to absorb (my preferred method of learning) the insights were able to come.

I finished the re-write on a fiction manuscript that had been hanging about, and am about 30% through the re-write of another- finding some seriously clunking pieces in the middle.

My brain has done more than its usual mad rush of ideas and inspiration, so I’ve jotted them all down this time- usually I tear off with one…or two…or three.

The biggest thing I’ve got from this retrograde period has been a resolution- and that’s one of the best “re” words that can come from a retrograde period.

Without going into too many personal details, I said “yes” to something as Mercury stationed last time that I probably should have said “no” to. That’s ok- yes is my default position. Besides, I figured under the laws of Mercury retrograde (if, indeed, there is such a thing) the whole situation would resolve itself for good this way.

And it has. I had to go “back” in order to know how I wanted to go forward. I had to revisit some of my demons to know why they are demons, to rehash some old ground in order to remove it as a future option. It takes care of the potential for regret.

That’s ok.

It’s a little like a longer version of having dinner with an ex in order to realize why they’re your ex. It closes off the shoulda coulda wouldas…the what ifs, the maybes, the romanticizing that we do with the past.

And sometimes, we have to do that. That’s what Mercury retrogrades are good for. The trick is in recognizing that at some point you have to stop going back.

That’s all.