Something about glamping, re words and fist pump moments…


So I’ve been camping over the weekend.

It’s probably a little more like glamping- you know, glamorous camping…except that it’s not really camping and it’s definitely not glamorous.

We were out in the middle of a few hundred acre property in a locality called Eucumbene. We stay in what used to be workers cabins from the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme. Eucumbene is in the south of NSW near the Snowy Mountains, about a 40 minute drive from Cooma and the same from Jindabyne. This is trout fishing country- not that we do the fishing thing…

We sleep in sleeping bags, huddling against the drafts coming through from the walls that don’t quite meet and windows that don’t quite shut. I use the term “sleep” loosely- as I don’t…sleep, that is. This in itself is fortunate as it means I can get up regularly to stretch my back out and top the fire up.

the camp fire
the camp fire

We cook outside on the campfire outside, our meals prepared in cast iron camp ovens, the fire providing warmth against the sub zero temperatures and coals for our camp ovens.

There’s a dunny outside that the kangaroos hop on past and watch while you go about your business.

There’s no internet or cell phone reception, no TV, and no access to the conveniences that we usually take for granted.


During the day we take drives up the mountain to find snow for the kids to play in, rivers for the 4 wheel drives to do their thing in, and country to explore. We take walks with the kids to look for kangaroos, and we prepare food for the campfire- strategizing over how many coals are required for a curry versus a pudding or bread.

our camp oven- cooking pizza
our camp oven- cooking pizza

I’m exhausted and my back is killing me, but it was fun and the complete break was rejuvenating and refreshing and re-invigorating…and a few other “re” words. If you follow me on instagram, I posted a few photos yesterday.

Today the Moon is in Cancer- and will be until the early hours of tomorrow morning. This means that we are well into balsamic territory, finishing off territory, dark of the Moon letting things go territory. I contemplated that a lot shivering in the dark beside the fire with a wine in my hand.

Today the Sun links up with Uranus. This is unexpected fist pump stuff….like when my chocolate self saucing pudding came out of that 2 quart camp oven (why is camping equipment measured in quarts when we are a metric society?) perfectly cooked and perfectly self sauced. More importantly, the break through will be in regards to you- who you are or want to be or are growing into. It will be fleeting, but well worth recognising and catching hold of- if possible.