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Something about glamping- and peace and quiet…

From last year...
From last year…

I’ve been away for the last few days- glamping on a bush block just outside of Eucumbene in the NSW High Country.

Each August Bank Holiday my little family of three joins up with my brother’s not so little family of five for a weekend of laughs, food and whatever. This year there was also snow- which for Sydney-ites (who haven’t seen much resembling winter for the last couple of years) was a breath of (cold) fresh air. The kids loved it- as did we.

Glamping? Well, it’s not camping-it’s more glamorous than that. We sleep in an old workers hut that has been made comfortable and warm. But we have a wood burning heater inside and cook outside on a campfire. My brother is a triple Aries (ASC, Sun, Mars) and likes nothing better than a weekend building and stoking fires. Like me, he has a 7th house Uranus and a Pisces Moon, so these weekends also give him the space he needs.

Anyways, I’ll be writing about it on and anyways. There are also photos up on instagram (just click on to the link in the side bar). I’ll have ,ore up on Flickr during the week too.

As for wifi? There is none. I could get a bar of cell phone reception if I stood at the back of the house in the snow and there was no wind.

While I was gone, the stars were busy. I won’t bother going back through it all, but here’s last years Mercury in Leo post.

Neptune is now back in the degree of my Mercury, and I am running looking for peace and quiet still. I found the few days down there- especially those moments yesterday morning when I was able to stand in the cold and the snow and listen to nothing but the chirp of the birds, the sound of the snow melting and the occasional thump of kangaroos bounding through the scrub were incredible. I could easily have done with a week of it.

The nature of my day job involves noise and numbers- lots of it all jangling together. I can’t hear myself think. So when I come home, it’s to write quietly and put a bubble around me. I don’t want to talk. At present, I don’t even want to socialise. It’s not that I’m feeling down- I’m over that- just that I need space and quiet.

I think that’s why I’m backing away from the Facebook page at the moment- I simply can’t deal with any more conversation. As such, even though these posts will automatically pop up there, I won’t be joining in the chats at the moment.

Yep, very not Mercury in Leo.

Today? The Moon is in Scorpio, so expect the intensity that comes with that. If you have anything that needs to be dug up, a problem that needs the root cause exposed and analysed, today’s the day for that one.

While there may have been some challenging moments as the Moon squared all of those Leo planets, a conjunction with Saturn will stabilise things, and a trine with Venus will soften them later in the day.