something about ghosts, habits and memory lane…


I’m back from holidays.

You know that.

I’m also in a post holiday fug.

You probably don’t know that.

It’s something I do whenever I get back from anywhere.

Like jet lag, it sneaks in 2- 3 days after I get home. It sneaks in after the euphoria settles down, after the unpacking is finished, after the washing is caught up.

It sneaks in when the business as usual hits home.

It sneaks in when the alarm is set for 5.10am, when hubby turns his blackberry on for the first time in 3 weeks and listens to the sounds of a million messages downloading.

But all holidays must finish- mainly so that that routine and responsibility can re-commence and money earned to finance the next!

Yesterday, as the Sun opposed Saturn, the mood was particularly active. That made sense. The Sun is about ego, vitality, creativity, self expression. In Taurus, the Sun likes to relax, enjoy himself with a earthy and sensuous pleasure.

Saturn, on the other hand, sends a lesson of caution, of restraint, restriction and responsibility. In retrograde, it’s also a message that’s been heard before.

Speaking of messages that have been heard before, let’s talk a little about the south node.

The South node tells us a lot about the past.

Past habits, past lives (if you’re into that), the things and people and behaviours that you fall easily back into.

The North node is the opposite. It tells us about our future path (and yes, you all know I don’t like talking about paths and journeys and roads and the like, but north node is one of those sorts of things.) The north node tells of the work that needs to be done.

It’s a little like choosing the chocolate and blowing off a training session when you know you should be opting for the pump class.

Anyways, Venus joins the South Node today.

You may very well find that the ghosts of old relationships are raising their heads. If not the ghosts of old relationships, than maybe some of those times where a crush was unrequited, or a might have been didn’t quite come to pass.

Maybe it’s your habits that are coming under the microscope.

With the north node in Scorpio, you may need to lift the covers, all of them, and go deep below the surface and confront relationship truths that you don’t want to acknowledge. Maybe you are unconsciously attracted to partners who are unattainable, to partners who ask too much, to partners who deep down you know won’t really satisfy you. Maybe you are in the habit of closing down, pushing away, not taking risks, not really putting yourself out there. Only you can answer that.

Venus is also about the things we find pleasure in. This is also how we indulge ourselves. In Taurus, these habits can be firmly ingrained, so the south node conjunction may ask you to look also at these habits….

We do these things- even when we know they serve us no good- because they are what we know.

In Taurus the message is one of letting go, or release. As one who has Venus inconjunct Pluto natally, I know all too well how much easier that is to say than do!

The thing is, with the Moon in Sagittarius trining Mercury today, the message is one of forward thinking, future thinking….with faith and optimism.

Remember this if today you find yourself dwelling on details or the what might have beens. They all belong somewhere down memory lane- a nice place to visit, but not so great to live in.


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  1. *Raises hand & acknowledges getting into relationships with emotionally unavailable men*

    I think this is to do with my Venus in Virgo in 12th square Neptune. Deep down I feel that I’m not good enough… and look to partners for validation.

    Hope the post holiday flump passes soon, Jo 🙂

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