Daily Planets

Something about getting your ducks in a row…


Wednesday 16 October

Moon in Pisces

So I did my first radio interview yesterday for a commercial station in Canberra. It was fun- I had fun.

With a cold, my voice sounds about an octave lower than normal, but I have it on good authority that it made me sound smarter.

Speaking of my cold, I’ve googled the symptoms and I do believe that it could be worse than that- man flu is suspected.

What else? Mars has moved into Virgo, and as tempted as I am to make some sort of cleaning and de-cluttering analogy, I’m going to resist the temptation to do so. You know all that stuff.

What will I say? That the part of life that is ruled by Virgo in your chart will be receiving some attention, some fine-tuning, some productive energy- if that translates into some sort of metaphoric spring cleaning, well, that’s your call.

In my case, Virgo is midway through the 6th and into the 7th, so I’ll be looking critically at habits, work routines and (later in the transit) my relationships with (probably) a judgemental eye. That’s not a bad thing….especially in light of this cold, the 2kgs that will probably be on the scales at the end of this cold, and the training that’s underway for Routeburn.

Wherever Virgo is for you is where you need to be getting your ducks in a row.

What else?

The Moon is continuing a rather leisurely freestyle through the lap pool that is Pisces. Use it imaginatively. Use it creatively. Resist the urge to escape from it. If routine is getting in the way, turn it into a ritual- just for today. You have my permission.