Something about getting what you need…

The star sign Virgo written on a blackboard.

The New Moon has passed, but you still have time to set intentions- if you’re the monthly setting intentions type, that is.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction has also exacted. This doesn’t mean it’s passed though- I suspect we have another 24 hours of this one- which will lead us neatly into Venus square Saturn and Venus square Mars….all under the backdrop of a resourceful Virgo Moon.

What does this all mean? Let’s just say the lyrics

You can’t always get what you want….you get what you need

have been going around my head.

The other song that’s there is One Republic’s Something I need. You see, when we’re talking Scorpio, and Saturn and Mars in Scorpio, there’ll always be something about fears and paranoia getting in the way…of both getting what you want and what you need. And that means getting real, getting honest, and getting to the deepest, darkest truth of the matter- something that Venus in Leo isn’t really inclined to do.

Just saying. Hashtag.