Something about getting there- one way or another…


Friday 25 October

Moon in Cancer

I’m running on just a few hours sleep this morning, so forgive me if I ramble.

You see, last night I went to the One Direction Concert here in Sydney. Actually, that’s not strictly true- my 15 year old daughter went to One Direction. We had a dinner in a neighbouring suburb, finally jagged a carpark a million miles from the stadium and then walked down and waited for her.

Now here’s the good bit (if you’re partial to a little 1D action) or not so good bit (if you’re not), the music outside the stadium was as clear as a bell- without the screaming that was happening inside.

And, because they were still playing half an hour after the advertised finish time, there were plenty of Mums and Dads hanging around to listen.

Now, I have to admit to singing along from time to time- I’m a real sucker for a catchy pop tune…the daggier the better- so bopped along to my personal fave…Blondie’s One Way or Another. I even reached for the fake microphone to serenade my husband in the solo part of You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful (he was underwhelmed), and did a little elbow dance at One Thing. Don’t know what the elbow dance is? You obviously don’t watch enough OneD clips.

After battling the post anything traffic snarls that exist around Olympic Park, it was way too late (for a school night) when we got home- then it was another few hours before the ear worm would allow me to sleep… let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the Sun, I know we’ve only met, but let’s pretend it’s love…

The things we do for our kids, hey?

Speaking of which, the Moon is in Cancer, and Cancer is all about feelings, and the things that we grow, protect and look after- the fruits of our metaphorical loins, so to speak.

When the Moon is in Cancer, moods tend to run a little higher than normal. We’re hurt more easily, we see slights where none are intended, we might even sit around in our shell fantasising about the things that we should have said, would have said, could have said.

The other thing that tends to happen is we comfort eat- well, many of us do.

Yesterday afternoon, just as the Moon moved into Cancer, I found myself with a real fang on- wanting to eat everything in sight. More specifically, I found myself craving sugar- and I don’t eat the stuff.

Thankfully, my diet disaster was limited to a few too many cruskits with plastic cheese, but if there’d been chocolate at hand, I would have gone there.

The Cancer Moon is good for many things, but diet and exercise are not two of them. Having said that, if you do find yourself aimlessly reaching for the chocolate, or something with way too much cream and sugar at this time of the month, ask yourself what you’re feeling. More importantly, ask yourself what part of you is feeling empty- what are the holes that you’re attempting to fill?

Then move.

Yes, I know I just said that the Cancer Moon isn’t great for exercise, but if you force yourself to do something, it might just lift your mood- at the very least it will shift your mood… This just might distract you for long enough to stay away from the fridge…or the packet of tim tams that your husband snuck in the other night and you know is being hidden on the bottom shelf behind the egg cartons…just saying…