Something about getting on with things…

Zodiac signs - Aries

Wednesday, February 5

Moon in Aries

I took myself off to the doctors yesterday. I don’t do doctors, well, except for that time three years ago when I had all those rabies shots. Anyways, I haven’t been to a doctor for a long time.

I have a few niggling health problems that at my age I probably need to be grown up and responsible about. Besides, with Saturn about to conjunct natal Neptune, I need to get some clarity and tests run before that happens.

Why had I delayed going? Aside from my completely irrational and unfounded fear and cynicism of the medical profession, I knew I was going to get a lecture about my weight, my alcohol consumption, and what both do to my already wonky historical hormonal situation.

What I got was straight talking- and at my age, I needed that. No excuses, no whinging, just ‘you know what you need to do, so do something about it.’

It’s true, I do know what I need to do. I just needed someone who knows about that stuff to confirm that what I know I need to do is what I need to do.

Besides, Saturn is now trine my 1st house Sun…it’s time to get real or accept the consequences if I don’t.

It’s one of the things I like best about the Aries Moon. There’s no tolerance (or interest) for excuses, whingeing or any of the other barriers and obstacles we put up for ourselves.

Today, as the Moon opposes Mars, you might find yourself up against these obstacles. Before you lash out and get frustrated with the world, take a look in the mirror. Then get on with it…or don’t…your call.

I like that.