Daily Planets

Something about getting back to work…


Monday 6 January

Moon in Pisces

So anyways, I’ve been on a mini road trip over this last weekend, so there’s been no posts go up.

Hopefully my one liners on the Facebook page have kept you occupied.

Where have I been?


For non-Australian readers, Canberra is Australia’s capital city. It’s located around 300kms south of Sydney, and is surrounded by and within bush. That, plus the small population, makes it an easy city to get around….but it’s by no means as cosmopolitan as Sydney or Melbourne.

We visit regularly- after immigrating from Britain at the age of 10, Mr T was brought up in Canberra. Indeed his mother still lives there. I moved down after University- it’s where we met almost 25 years ago.

In fact, despite having moved back to Sydney (where my birth family is) in 1992, driving in still feels very much like a coming home for me.

Anyways, I wrote a little about my weekend over on and anyways. I’m working through an A-Z of me in January, so if you’re interested, jump across and have a look. There’s no astro there, but the occasional recipe and pretty picture.

For many of us, it’s back to work today. I’m taking one last day at the beach with Miss 15 (who still has a few weeks off) before getting back into it.

Today, in the skies, we’re under the influence of a dreamy, imaginative Pisces Moon- possibly not the best lunar energy to be starting back at work, but then again, possibly the best lunar energy for easing back into it. Same, same but different.

The Sun is opposite Jupiter, so if you’re feeling good, go with it- just be careful not to overdo it.

If you’re feeling more trepidation than optimism- and this is highly likely given that both the Sun and Jupiter are in Capricorn and Cancer, respectively- things may not be as bad as you think they are.

In fact, as far as oppositions go, this isn’t a bad one.

Also coming up is the 3rd of those sextiles between Mercury and Saturn that I started prattling on about last year. How weird does it feel to be saying last year?

Anyways, this is all about speaking your truth, setting real goals, sticking to the facts, blah blah blah. You had your chance while Mercury was retrograde to review things, now it’s money where your mouth is, get real, walk your talk stuff. Articulate your dreams, turn them into goals, make them matter…or not…your call.

Oh, finally, a big happy birthday to my favourite Capricorn- my sister. If you’re reading this, have a fabulous day…