Something about flows and going with them…


Moon into Pisces

It’s been one of those weeks.

I’m still getting used to the change in routine, and juggling deadlines and pre-arranged commitments as well as a busy full time role and a daily 3 hour commute, so some things are slipping.

Hopefully next week things will start to settle into a new normal and I can schedule time in for exercise and my fiction writing- both of which I’ve been missing.

Having said that, it’s still been a good week. I’ve had two out of the box, left of centre bright ideas (count them- two) in the partition job, submitted two pieces for deadline, taught my class, done the telly thing, and knocked out the swimming club newsletter (thankfully, the last of the season).

On the subject of the telly thing, I’ve posted a couple of photos (& been tagged in a couple), so if you follow my instagram, you might have seen them.

How was it? Fun.

The thing about doing things like this is the interesting people that you meet. While I was in the chair getting my hair and make-up done (notice how that rolled off my tongue) I was chatting to a fascinating guy who does massage therapy and has taught it to blind people in Nepal. Anyways, when I said that I was an astrologer, I got the usual reaction- you know the one.  This wasn’t one of those closed minds I don’t believe in that shit reactions, but rather a reaction that had come from an experience he’d had with one of those astrologers…you know the ones.

It was from one of those you can have a free personality report, but given that it’s just a few lines long I’ll bombard you with all of these amazing things you’ll learn if you’ll only buy this hand crafted, personalised 10 page report that spits out of my computer. It’s the astrological equivalent of the charlatan psychic who tells you that you’ll never get married because of something that happened in a previous life, but that it can be cleared for another $50.

The sad thing is, there’s some amazing psychics out there, amazing tarot readers, and some seriously amazing astrologers- yet, for many of us, we get tarred with the same brush as the ones that give us the bad name. Normally I don’t spend much time thinking about it- I have no reason to.

Anyways, almost straight from this discussion, it was the first question Ben asked me- something like ‘what is the difference between navel gazing and real astrology…because there are some charlatans out there…’ It threw me. I think I muttered something about how real astrology helps people deal with potentials and challenges, but the other gives us a bad name and how all the astrologers I know aren’t like that. At least, that’s what I hope I said! After that, I settled in and it felt as if the conversation flowed….although in the photos, I look huge!

Anyways, today should be pretty cruisey- from a lunar viewpoint…especially if you get the Pisces energy and have a room where you can lock yourself away and work on a piece of romantic fiction…or even if you have a tropical island in Koh Samui to stretch out on…or even if you have a photo shoot or something else artistic to be inspired into doing.

It won’t be so cruisey if you have a full schedule of meetings, deliverables of numbers or strategies or have to wrangle raw data to prove (or disprove) the two really bright ideas that you had during the week.

A supportive sextile between Mercury and Pluto will allow you to feel the truth- so trust those instincts- even if those around you are warning you not to.

And finally? However your day looks, stay flexible and go with the flow- today is not one to spend second guessing, getting hung up on details, or aiming for perfection.