Something about flow…


Tuesday 15 October

Moon in Pisces

So, I’m fighting off a cold.

I only get one cold a year, and it appears that this will be it.

At the risk of providing way too much information, I’m not at the really manky stage of this just yet- just bad enough that I’m having difficulty breathing, swallowing and speaking.

I can deal with the breathing & swallowing bit, but the speaking thing will be difficult given that I’m doing the first of those radio interviews this afternoon.

With the Moon in Pisces, though, anything is possible.

More to the point, believing that anything is possible is, well possible.

I like to think of the Moon in Pisces as being those few days each month where the Universe grants us permission to suspend reality, flirt a little with chaos, escape into imagination.

Under this Moon we run into trouble only when we force ourselves to do the opposite.

Rather than pushing through those spread-sheets and budgets, schedule, if you can, those activities that require a little creativity.

As for me, once I’ve done this interview, I’ll be escaping into a world of hot tea and chicken soup. Like many people with strong Neptune signatures in the chart, my body has difficulty with pharmaceuticals- cold and flu mediation simply doesn’t suit me…soldiering on isn’t an option. Having said that, if I’m going to be unproductive, the Pisces Moon is the best time to schedule a cold!